Saskatoon, SK Canada (5)

Some street level sights in Saskatoon


Bikes line up for The Teddy Bear Run. A large number of motorbike enthusiasts gather together each bringing along a Teddy Bear which will be donated to children in need.




One of the many park benches in Kinsmen Park that run along the Saskatchewan River. This park, which is located downtown, is a popular gathering place for noon hour lunches and runners.




Speaking of running, Saskatoon plays host to approximately 14 Running Events throughout the year. They range from the Full Marathon to qualify for the New York Marathon to a 3KM Walk to raise funds for a charity. And yes, one of the main events occur in the winter and it’s called the “Brainfreeze Run”.




A night time view of one of the main office complexes. The Saskatoon Square houses one of the top legal firms in Saskatoon.




Located directly across from my condo residence is the Radisson Hotel. Twice a year, window washers brave the weather to perform their job. These fellows, who obviously have no fear of heights, are approximately 20 stories high.




Broadway Avenue is home to many cool coffee shops, clothing stores and delis.




Since we are on Broadway, the photo is a performing artist/busker displaying his lack of fear of heights during the Fringe Festival.




Every year the condo complex shows its’ Canada Day patriotism on July 1.



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