Manitoba Canada (1)

Manitoba Canada

The province sits to the east of Saskatchewan.  The topography is very similar to Saskatchewan.  The same flat land but with many more lakes.


Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba sits in the southeast corner of the province. Downtown is the home to many Canadian Government offices. You can identify these government buildings by the “Canada” logo.




Provencher Boulevard, going over the Assiniboine River



St. Boniface Cathedral – Only the facade, sacristy, and the walls of the old church were saved and restored after a fire destroyed many features in 1968.



Well-known for its’ floods. This path along the river was impassable.



The golden boy stands atop the Legislative Building.



This architecturally beautiful building sits on the corner of Fort Street and Assiniboine Avenue next to the historic Fort Garry Hotel. I could not find any information as to what type of building (commercial or residential) it is.



The back of this T-shirt caught my eye. Anyone from Saskatchewan and/or Manitoba will understand what the “Banjo Bowl” means. The Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are professional football teams that are part of the Canadian National Football league. In Regina, SK., every year the two teams play each other on the Sunday before Labour Day which is the first Monday in September. The following Sunday, the two teams repeat the competition in Winnipeg, MB. In early 2004, Winnipeg placekicker, Troy Westwood, made the comment that the people from Saskatchewan were “a bunch of banjo-pickin’ inbreds”. Thus the “Banjo Bowl” became the name of the second competition in Winnipeg. Happy to say that the Roughriders are ahead beating the Bombers 5 games out of the 9.


The second trip to Winnipeg was piloted by my husband in the Cherokee.  This enabled me to get some aerial shots.

Riding Mountain Park

Riding Mountain Park




The southern tip of Lake Manitoba




One of the many streams from Riding Mountain


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