Zurich, Switzerland (3) – Street Cruising (Day 2)

Our second and last day in Zurich was spent cruising the streets.  Since we booked only one day here, we made the most of the time.  Now that we were wide awake and clear-headed, the morning was spent retracing our steps from the night before.  This time we extended the river walk to Zurichsee.  In the the afternoon, we headed to The Dolder Grand Hotel.  A 3km uphill hike that gave us some pretty cool views of the city.

Limmat River at Sihlquai and Ackerstrasse



A paddleboarder conquers a small dam located to the left of this photo



Beautiful tree covered Neumuhlequai



A view of Old Town from Bahnhofbrucke



Limmat harbour



Zurichsee and the Swiss Alps in the distance



Local Government Office to the left of Kirche Fraumunster



One of many outdoor restaurants getting ready for the noon hour rush



Shopping in Old Town



From Lindenhof Park, view of Old Town

The top of hill in the background is where we head to in order to get to Dolder Grand



From Lindenhof Park looking towards east side of Old Town



Looking back at the uphill battle to get to Dolder Grand



A modern residence that has a great view of the city below



Taking a rest and enjoying the view of Zurichsee



Dolder Grand

A five-star rating costs about $1000.00 per night, per person.  We didn’t go through the interior or exterior grounds to see if the price was justified.



Dolder Grand Golf Course






Zurich, Switzerland (2) – Evening Stroll (Day 1)

To be in sync with the time zone, we headed out for a walk to keep ourselves from falling asleep.  A stroll to Old Town starting from the Zurich HB, along the Limmat River and back to our hotel, 25Hour Hotel Langstrasse.

Corner of Bahnhofpl and Neumuhlequai.  Across the Bahnhofbrucke from Zurich HB.



Central Plaza Hotel




Along the Limmat River



Looking towards Bahnofquai from across the river on Limmatquai



Old Town on the west side of Limmat River



Crossing the Limmat River and looking back at where we walked along the right.



I don’t know if this is some form of exercise for these two men by challenging the rushing water going upstream.



The narrow path of Hirschengasse off Limmatquai



The Motta Cafe on Limmatquai



Lit up Grossmunster









Quiet cobblestone paths wind through a unique shopping area



A brightly lit flowershop



Heading back to the hotel, we came across a great lookout point in Lindenhof Park, located on the west side of the river.   A view of the path where we started our journey.   Zentralbibliothek stands out in the spotlight



Another view of Limmatquai from Lindenhof Park




Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia & Switzerland 2017 (4) – How to Gain 5 Pounds

When booking a hotel, I always choose one that offers a breakfast buffet.  To start off a day of exploration, the thing you don’t want to do is waste your morning time by roaming around the city looking for a place to have eat.   We would consume as much food at this time to keep us going until supper.   At the end of day, we would go to a nearby deli and grab something to take back to the hotel.  Most of the restaurant meals didn’t occur until we reached Ljubljana (our third destination city).  There was only so many deli sandwiches a person can eat.

You would think that walking approximately 20kms per day carrying  a 10lb backpack would make me burn off all those calories that I consumed.  Instead, I came home with added weight (the last two pounds have been a bummer to shed).

Here is just a sampling of what we enjoyed over our holidays in Central Europe.  I’m one of those sad individuals who like to take pictures of my food.



I give myself three courses:

  1.  Hot foods
  2. Yogurt and Granola
  3. Dessert and fruit

1st course at 25hours hotel langstrasse in Zurich

I got hooked on the “Cream Cheese and Granola Spread” (at the top) which went great with the Croissant.



1st course at Hotel Cubo in Ljubljana

Hot foods were made to order.  Eggs any way you want them with as many sides (sausage, bacon, pancakes,…) as you want.



2nd course at Hotel Cubo in Ljubljana



Last course at Hotel Cubo in Ljubljana

They had the best dessert selection and I took advantage of it.



All courses at the same time at Hotel Stadt Citta in Bolzano

It was always a busy morning here so I stocked my table up with everything.



Last course at Hotel Maximilian in Innsbruck

This was just a small sampling of the incredible fruit selection.



On the Train, “Henry”

Mushroom Goulash with fried sliced bread dumplings.  A late evening meal on the train as we make our way back to Vienna from Salzburg.



Linzer Schnitte

I couldn’t resist as we were passing through Linz (the city where the dessert was created) at the time.



Brownie Tarte

A long train trip from Vienna to Ljubljana, I needed the energy.



Coffee Break

Delicious crepe dessert and Cappuccino in Ljubljana.  The waitress did a great sell job convincing me that I should indulge




Sausage with Sauerkraut & Mustard and Goulash with Polenta at “Paninoteka” in Ljubljana



Fish and Potatoes at “Grajska Plaza Restaurant” in Lake Bled



Shrimp and Zucchini at “Grajska Plaza Restaurant” in Lake Bled



Spaghetti Carbonara at Piazza Walther in Bolzano




Spaghetti Carbonara in Venice

I was comparing Carbonaras with my bastardized version.  This one was the overall winner.




Meatlover’s special at the “Cammerlander” in Innsbruck




Salmon Pasta at the “Cammerlander” in Innsbruck.  Trust me, if they had Carbonara on the menu, I would have ordered it.




Classic Burger from “Magic Pizza” in Innsbruck.  It was a long day and late into the evening so we grabbed a couple of burgers to take back to our hotel.  It wasn’t until we pulled these things out of the bag that we discovered the humungous size.  Rod’s iPhone is dwarfed beside it.




Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia & Switzerland (3) – Views from a Train

The following photos depicts a very small portion of the beautiful terrain we saw on our train travels through Central Europe.  Out of the 450 photos I took with my iPhone, I deleted half of them due to a blurry object like a tree, a bush, or a sign post in the middle of the picture.   When you’re travelling up to 150kms per hour, you might get at least one good shot.  The trick with a camera phone is to press the phone right up against the window and snap away.    Some trips, I was able to capture numerous sights.   Some trips, it was lucky if I got one.


Zurich to Vienna

Close to the Alps and into the clouds


Vienna to Ljubljana


Ljubljana to Lake Bled

Acres and acres of cornfields



Ljubljana to Bolzano

Bad Holgastein, a ski resort town spread throughout a gorgeous valley


Outside Venezia (Venice)


Innsbruck to Zurich


Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia & Switzerland (2) – Train Stations and Platforms

The hub of constant activity, train stations can be old and full of character or modern with excellent shopping.  We experienced them all and they all hold an important role in the daily lives of the individuals who depend upon the train.


Small and Simple

Portschach am Worthersee, Austria



Postojna, Slovenia




Judenburg, Austria



Borovnica, Slovenia



Large and Looming

Zurich, Switzerland



Salzburg, Austria



Budapest, Hungary


Interior and on the Platform

Salzburg, Austria



Zurich, Switzerland



Ljubljana, Slovenia



Wien, Austria (Vienna)



Wien, Austria (Vienna)



Budapest, Hungary




Innsbruck, Austria




Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia & Switzerland (1) – By Train

Since our European trip relied so much on the train, I post this entry to give you an idea of what it was like.  We travelled over 2000 kms by rail.  A First Class Euro Global Pass allowed us to take as many train rides as we wanted.  Out of the 16 days we spent in Europe, there were only 5 days we did not take the train somewhere.

First class seating doesn’t necessarily mean the same on all trains.  Depending upon the train, you may have seat like a barcalounger in soft leather and electronic button tilt or you could end up in a compartment where the seats are falling apart with broken mechanical tilts (this only happened once on a “Zug” train).  However, we took the good with the bad as an adventure.

I recommend that a person reserve their seats for any travel that is necessary.  We always booked a two seater saloon style (two seats facing each other with a table in between).  This was our favourite.

The train tracks of the Zurich HB ran behind our hotel room.  I was mesmerized by watching these trains coming and going every ten seconds.  This particular shot had 5 trains moving at the same time.


A shorter commuter train with cars which allowed bikes



More commuters with graffiti artwork



Saw the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express at Venezia S. Lucia (Venice Main Station)




Front end view of four trains from four different countries at Venezia S. Lucia.



A shot of our favourite seating arrangement.  This particular four seater was across from our two seater.  The neat thing about First Class, is you get table service from the restaurant.  Only one time we indulged in this service when we returned to Vienna from Salzburg.  Our arrival into Vienna was late evening and we knew we’d be too tired to find a place to eat.



Some menu items on the OBB Train.



An example of tilt option.  These seats were located in a compartment style car.  Rooms, with sliding glass doors, that had either four or six seats.  If you were lucky, you might get a room all to yourselves as we were in this case.



An older style train called a “Zug”.  This was the worst of all the trains.  We were on our way from Vienna to Ljubljana and didn’t realize that we had to disembark at Jesenice and take a 40 minute bus ride into Ljubljana.  Because there were no PA system on this train, we had no clue where we were.  The attendant remembered us from our tickets and had to come and get us.



This is a local train.  These trains stop at every town outside a major city.  Mostly used by individuals who work in the city and live outside the city.   It may take you two hours to travel 100 kms because of all the stops it makes.




Video displays on most of the trains provide accurate information on the pending stops and times of arrivals.  You really have to be on the ball when disembarking and/or boarding a train.  Make sure you have your stuff and be prepared to get off or on as fast as you can.  They will not hold the train for you.



A shot of our last day of train rides, as we approach Zurich HB.  The great thing about these video displays is that they make sure you know where you are.  Zurich HB means the final destination, RJ160 is the train number, 25 means the car that you are in, 150km/h means the speed you are travelling, 15:27 means the expected time of arrival which obviously shows that we are late.




Zurich, Switzerland (1) – Aerial Approach

Tray tables up, seat in upright position, personal items stowed underneath the seat in front of me.  Nothing left to do but take some photos of our descent into Zurich.