Saskatoon, SK Canada (10) – Canada Remembers Airshow 2017 (Dundurn)

It was a rain threatening day but it was the best backdrop for the Canada Remembers Airshow 2017 at the Dundurn Army Base.  We were honoured to be the witnesses of The Snowbirds’ first show of the season and a rare opportunity at the end of the show (as revealed in my last two photos).

Their first approach to the show.









Showing their Canadian colours with pride



Dispersing to reveal to show a display below






You wouldn’t know it, but there are actually three airplanes here



Two becomes three



Two right side up and two upside down









The plane to the left was performing loops around the three planes.  As you can see, one of the planes is upside down.



Performing a figure eight loop around the four planes






The Maple Leaf maneuver



Top view of the planes to end the performance



CAF SkyHawks gets to display their talents.  This is the first set of jumpers.






In recognition of our American allies



Starting at 3,000 feet in the air.  The second set of jumpers.






Our Canadian flag



From 3,000 feet to right on target (the orange mat beside the red and white sign).  An amazing feat as it was a really windy day.



Celebrating Canada 150, the CF18 shows its’ birthday colours.



While most of the people exited for home, the few remaining visitors were treated to a fly by as the Snowbirds head back to Moose Jaw from Saskatoon.  A rare occasion as it included all twelve instead of nine (you only see eleven as the twelfth one was off to the side videotaping the flight) and the CF18



An encore fly over that brought blue skies




Erfurt, Thuringia (2) – Octoberfest Carnival (Day Ten)

My last post of Germany 2016, ends with the Octoberfest celebration in “Erfurt” style.  An incredible children’s carnival filled with the most colourful rides I have ever seen.  Located next to the Cathedral, this picturesque carnival was quiet at the time, as these shots were taken during a weekday morning.  I’m sure by evening and the weekend, it would be bustling with energetic youngsters.








































Erfurt, Thuringia (1) – High cathedral of St. Marien zu Erfurt (Day Ten)

What started as a simple 8th-century chapel,  Erfurt Dom has grown into a beautiful Gothic style cathedral.  Martin Luther, father of the Protestant Reformation was ordained in this cathedral.





















Bingen am Rhein, Rhineland-Palatinate (1) – The Town (Day Nine)

Heading back to Frankfurt from Bacharach, we had a few hours to spare so decided to hop off the train at Bingen am Rhein.  With a population of around 25000, this town appeared more modern than Bacharach.  As always, we make our way to the highest point for elevated views.


















Burg Ehrenfels sits on the other side of the Rhine River



Binger Mauseturm (Mouse Tower) on the left and Ruine Ehrenfels on the right.







A children’s waterpark.  Klopp’s Castle in the distant background where most of the previous photos were taken from.




Bacharach, Rhineland-Palatinate (2) – Burg Stahleck (Day Nine)

A 12th-century castle that is converted to a hostel, overlooks the Rhine River.  Interior views are closed to the public but the exterior access was worthwhile the steep climb.


A cool part of the climb includes a winding path through a vineyard.












In the courtyard.  To the right is a set of tables and chairs overlooking the Lorelei valley.




Have to be sure footed to navigate the uneven steps.








Modern 20th century renovations is added




Some remnants of the 12th century castle that was destroyed during the Thirty Years’ War.























The beautiful Lorelei Valley from the castle courtyard




Bacharach, Rhineland-Palatinate (1) – The Town (Day Nine)

Along the Rhine River, there is a 36-miles stretch between Mainz and Klobenz that is popular for the riverboat cruises.   These cruises will carry you through beautiful hillside wine country.  Nestled between these two places sits a small town called Bacharach.   We decided to take the train along this stretch instead so we can stop and walk the hills to be up close and personal.  A small population of just over 2,000, its’ picturesque setting is beautiful and breathtaking.






The small town of Lorch is located on the other side of the Rhine.  This is a view from the top of a hillside in Bacharach.




Long flat cargo boats share the tourist boats that makes its’ way along the Rhine.



One of the many tour boats that travels between Mainz and Klobenz.  You can sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the glorious view.




Long sandbars stretch from the shores of Bacharach




Wine country at its’ finest.




Looking down at the rooftops as we make our way to the castle.




A view of Burg Stahleck from the shoreline




Quaint little hotel tucked in on a small side street



Looking down the street from the train station




The main shopping area is quiet on a weekday



Munchen (Munich), Bavaria (9) – Schloss Nymphenburg – Marstallmuseum (Day Eight)

The former ‘Riding Stables’ of the Palace is one of the most important museums of court carriages, sleighs and equestrian culture in the world.  The coronation coach of Emperor Karl VII is the showpiece displaying its’ beautiful French Rococo style.

Front of the Coronation Coach






Back of the Coronation Coach




Closer look of the back of the coach



Front of a fancy sleigh



Coach of King Maximilian I Joseph



New Dress Coach of King Ludwig II