Ljubljana, Slovenia (3) – From the Castle (Day 7)

Centrally located, Ljubljana Castle sits atop the hill at Grajski Park.  A short climb from the edge of the park, we are greatly rewarded with beautiful city landscapes.

From the top of the hill, we start with a view of the west side of the city and move clock-wise.




Kongresni Trg at the lower right



Presernov Trg at the lower right











Ljubljana, Slovenia (2) – Along the River (Day 7 & 8)

The Ljubljanica River runs east to west and then turns south at Presernov Trg.

We see the curve of the river at Presernov Trg.



The North/South stretch















The West/East stretch

Mesarski Footbridge












Ljubljana, Slovenia (1) – Kongresni Trg and Presernov Trg (Day 7 & 8)

The favourite destination of our European 2017 adventure is Ljubljana, Slovenia.   Wonderfully surprised, we found this city exudes charm and beauty.  The people we encountered were amazingly friendly.  I absolutely love this city.

In reality, Ljubljana was never in my radar when I was planning this trip.  When I initially looked into the train schedule from Vienna, Austria to Split, Croatia, I found that the distance was further than I wanted to travel within one day.  I decided to make a stop somewhere in between and that’s when I discovered Ljubljana.  After further investigation, I determined that a one day stopover was not enough to explore this area.  Removing Croatia from our itinerary, we remain in Ljubljana and area for four days instead of one.

Two main squares reside in the old town district.  The first one, Kongresni Trg (Congress Square) is located a short distance from our hotel (Hotel Cubo) and has wonderful views of the Ljubljana Castle.  The second one,  Presernov Trg (Preseren Square) is located only a block away from the first one.


Kongresni Trg (Congress Square)

We look east to Ljubljana Castle.    The coffeeshop to the right of this photo was a great place for an espresso stop.



Just on the other side of these buildings is the river and old town.  About a block to the left of this photo is Presernov Trg.



Turning right from the previous photo is the University Ljubljana

Founded in 1919, the school specializes in social & natural sciences and sports programs.  A couple of guys from Ljubljana won the two-man basketball tournament held in Saskatoon a couple of years ago.  Wondered if they studied here.


Next to the University is Muzej iluzij (Museum of illusions)



Turning right to the west is Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity.  Our Hotel Cubo is located about a half block to the left of the church.



Aerial view from the Castle.  A nice park is located to the right side of this square.



From Presernov Trg (Preseren Square)

Statue of the Slovene national poet France Preseren stands on the eastern side of the square.



Going left from the statue is the 17th-century Franciscan church, Cerkev Marijinega



Continuing left, the square has a great variety of shops to explore.  Just over a block to the left of this picture is Kongresni Trg.



Part of the Tromostovje Triple Bridge

Three small bridges converge on the south bank of the river creating the shape of a “W”.



The middle bridge of the Tromostovje Triple Bridge, the square is located behind me.

The Castle looms high in the background



The third of the triple bridge



Salzburg, Austria (5) – Up On Two Hills (Day 6)

We climbed two hills to catch some breathtaking views of Salzburg.  The first hill is located on the west side of Salzach River where Hohensalzburg Castle resides.  The second hill is located on the east side of the river where the Kapuzinerkloster Monastery resides.


From Hohensalzburg Castle

Looking north

Dom zu Salzburg in the foreground.  The yellow building in the background is Monastery Kapuzinerkloster where we took photos of the second portion of this post.



Located about 200 meters west of Hohensalzburg Castle, lies a fortification tower called Freyschlossl-Roter Turm.   Looking back at the castle and the gorgeous backdrop.



Another beautiful view from Freyschlossl-Roter Turm



And again



From Monastery Kapuzinerkloster in Park Kapuzinerberg

Looking at Alstadt

You can see Hohensalzburg Castle peaking through in the upper-left hand side



Going clockwise from previous photo, Alstadt is to the left and Makartsteig bridge is in the center where we crossed previously

On the hill top is Museum der Moderne Salzburg



Continuing clockwise from previous photo.

Tall grey building in the distant upper-right is next to the Salzburg Main Station.  That’s where we head to after these photo shots to catch our train back to Vienna.





Salzburg, Austria (4) – A Walk to Park Kapuzinerberg (Day 6)

After Alstadt, we make our way to Park Kapuzinerberg.  Along the way, we visit Mirabel Garden (previous post) and then we walk along Steingasse to find the entrance to a staircase that would take us up to the park.    With so many unmarked options, we walked past the entrance twice before we figured it out.

Shopping in Alstadt



Mozart’s Birthplace



Looking north from Makartsteg Bridge, Alstadt would be to the left



Looking south from Makartsteg we see Alstadt, where we just came from



A quick coffee for an energy pickup at Makartplatz.  Catholic Church Dreifaltigkeitskirche in the background.

Our table was the one on the far right.


Hotel Bristol

A part of our surroundings as we as we enjoy our coffee



A beautiful entrance to a residential apartment.  There were many like these and we weren’t sure which one actually took us up to the park and which one would lead us into someone’s backyard.



As we wander on Steingasse, we come across small cafes and restaurants where people enjoy some socializing



Interesting graffiti artwork on Steingasse



The Imberstiege pathway to the lookout point at the Park.  There were a number of these steep climbs before we made it to the top.  It was well worth it.






Salzburg, Austria (3) – Mirabell Palace Gardens (Day 6)

Located about a half kilometre south of Salzburg Hbf (Main Station) is the Mirabell Palace and Gardens.  Built in 1606 for Prince-Archbishop Wolfe Dietrich Raitenau and his mistress Salome Alt.  358 years later it serves as a one of the film locations for “The Sound of Music”.

Entering the gates from the south end of the gardens, we see the Palace at the far north end.



We take refuge from the heat on a shaded bench.   Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac is seen across the garden.



Looking towards the south end of the garden where we entered.  Hohensalzburg Castle in the background.









On the west side of the palace.  The Pegasusbrunnen Fountain (in the middle of photo) was used in the Sound of Music’s “Do-Re-Mi”




Salzburg, Austria (2) – Dom zu Salzburg (Day 6)

The Salzburg Cathedral, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is located in the Alstadt district.   The baroque building is designed by Italian architect, Santino Solari and completed in 1657.  It would have taken me days to go over every intricate detail that is displayed inside this magnificent building.

























The Cathedral Crypt served as burial grounds for Salzburg archbishops.



The Konrad crypt

Demolished in 1598, the choir crypt was unearthed from 1956 to 1958.