Venezia (Venice), Italy (4) – At the Venetian Lagoon (Day 13)

We head southeast from the main station through a maze of winding streets and dead ends to find the Venetian Lagoon, located in the Adriatic Sea.   We took a stroll along the busy street of Riva deli Schiavoni and admire some of the beautiful buildings situated on tiny islands.  On our journey back to the station, we take a walk through the Piazza San Marco where it was just too busy to appreciate.




Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute



Church of Giorgio Maggiore



Along the Riva degli Schiavoni












Piazza San Marco














Venezia (Venice), Italy (3) – Buildings (Day 13)

The deteoriation of the buildings is evident everywhere.  Because it’s Venice, this is considered characteristic and romantic.  However, this would not be the perception when we see this in a modern landscape.  It would be considered old and rundown.  Click on any image for a larger view.

Venezia (Venice), Italy (2) – Off the Grand Canal (Day 13)

We strayed away from the Grand Canal and explored the side streets and smaller canals.  It gave me more a sense of what Venice was all about without the congestion.  These were the areas I found more intriguing.


























Venezia (Venice), Italy (1) – The Grand Canal (Day 13)

An intriguing city that has more to offer than the time I gave it.   Part of me did not enjoy the crowd congestion that inhabited the main areas of the city.  Half the time we spent exploring the side streets which I did thoroughly enjoyed.  Like a giant maze, it was easy to get lost and wander into dead-ends.   My first post of Venezia focuses mainly on the Grand Canal.  In the past, I have always tried to note the location of where the photo was taken.  This will not be the case this time.  I have no idea where we were most of the time.

Emerging from the Santa Lucia Station, we see the Catholic Church, Chiesa de San Simeone Piccolo across the canal



Crossing the Scalzi Bridge



Looking back at the Santa Lucia Station from the Scalzi Bridge











































Bolzano, Italy (3) – A Trip to Oberbozen (Day 12)

On the first morning of our visit to Bolzano, we took a walk along Talvera creek that runs north/south.  We came across a gorgeous view of the hillside on the edge of the city.  We were determined to make the climb a challenge after our lunch.  With some research, we found a cable car (Rittner Seibahn) that departs from the nearby main train station.  However, what we thought was a short ride to the top of the hill, actually was a 12 minute ride deep into the hills to a village called Oberbozen.  We took a leisurely stroll through this delightful village.  On our way down, we see the many vineyards that is a common local product.

We were determine to get to the top of that hill.



Our departure point, Rittner Seibahn



Heading to Oberbozen

Looking down at the beautiful Bolzano



Chalet Grumer is a lodge located on the hillside northeast of Bolzano



This cable route just kept going and going







Reaching Oberbozen, we can see the dolomites in the distance.  There is a train from Oberbozen that can take you closer to these natural wonders.














Heading back to Bolzano










Netted covered vineyards keep the birds away from consuming the fruit












Looking back up from where we came




Bolzano, Italy (2) – Old Town (Day 11 & 12)

To the north of Piazza Walther is the Old Town of Bolzano.  Cobblestone walks, small shops, picturesque buildings and open food market makes this part of Bolzano a wonderful area to explore.

























Bolzano, Italy (1) – Piazza Walther (Day 11 & 12)

Centrally located a few blocks north of the main station, Piazza Walther is the city’s tourist destination.  Surrounded by beautiful buildings and wonderful eateries, this is home to their popular Christmas Market.

The statue of Walther von der Vogelweide sits in the centre of the square.  Our hotel, “Stadt Hotel Citta” is the pink building located on the left.



A main mode of transportation, a bike parking area sits on the edge of the square.



Beautiful flowers are still in bloom in September.



An interesting busker entertains with bells.



A view of the square from our hotel



A view of the square from our hotel room



Assumption of Our Lady Cathedral



Intricate detail of the the church displays its’ Gothic style