Innsbruck, Austria (5) – Nordkette aka “Jewel of the Alps”

My last post of our European 2017 trip ends on a high note at Hafelekar Peak in Nordkette.   A cable car makes two stops along the way.  The first is The Seegrube Station, where you can participate in many climbing activities or enjoy Tyrolean cuisine in the Seegrube Restaurant.

The second and last stop is the Hafelekar Peak which is located just over 1,000 feet higher than Seegrube Station.  You get 360 degrees of breathtaking views of the city of Innsbruck to gorgeous views of the mountain range.

Seegrube Station



From Seegrube Station, you can see the cable car that continues on to Hafekelar



Just on the other side of that peak is Hafekelar



From Hafelekar Station, we climb an additional 78 meters to reach the peak.  You can see the Summit Cross that we eventually get to touch.



An avid hiker can spend hours exploring the many routes available.  Just make sure you have the right gear.



Cautious footing on very slippery conditions, would prevent sliding down and/or wiping out



Views from the Summit

From the Peak, we look down to Hafelekar Station



The Summit Cross



A feathered friend was hoping this individual was willing to share her lunch.



Unfortunately, a cloudy day prevents me from getting any photos of Innsbruck


















Two hikers make their way to another spot to enjoy the view








Innsbruck, Austria (4) – Looking Up and Looking Down (Day 14 & 15)

Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, the views are wonderful whether you are looking at them or from them.

























Innsbruck, Austria (3) – Stadtpfarrkirche Sankt Nikolaus (Day 15)

On our search to find the cable car station, we came across this wonderful church and graveyard.  You can feel the love for the individuals at rest.  Beautifully maintained sites are filled with colour and emotion.




























Innsbruck, Austria (2) – Finding A Way to the Funicular (Day 15)

On our second day, we took a walk along the river Inn where we catch both an old time feel and modern day emergence.  Keeping ourselves to the northern part of the riverbank, we search for a station for the Funicular which would take us up the mountain.   We ended up backtracking to the south side and catch the cable car at Hungerburgbahn Lowenhaus.

A view from Marktplatz and the river Inn.  We will head to the left of this photo.  Crossing the first bridge along the way, we will eventually walk along the street where these beautiful building exist.



Turning around, we see Marktplatz.  Our hotel, Hotel Maximilian, is the white building at the far right of this photo.



Modern apartments along the northern side of the river



Crossing the bridge to the north side of the river, we look back at the path we just walked.



A great pedestrian path beside the residential buildings we saw in 3rd photo of this post.  Staying on this path, we continue east on the northern side of the river to find the cable car to take us to Nordkette.



A mix of old and new




Park Inn Cafe














Making our way back to the south side of the river, we head to the Hans-Psenner Steg (a covered pedestrian bridge)



Inside Hans-Psenner Steg



From Hans-Psenner Steg, we see the bridge for the cable car.  A good indication our destination is near.



From the other side of the bridge we see the old cable car rails




Innsbruck, Austria (1) – Old Town (Day 14)

Our last city stop before heading back to Zurich to catch our flight home is Innsbruck (bridge over the Inn).  A last minute decision to spend two days here was a wise one.   On our first day, we head to Old Town which was located a couple of blocks from our stay, Hotel Maxmillian.   Filled with beautiful old architecture, we are surrounded with wonderful atmosphere.

























Symbolic to mark the wedding of Emperor Maximilian to Bianca Maria Sforza, the Goldeness Dachl (Golden Roof) is actually made of fire-gilded copper tiles.



Designed as the royal box, the Emperor and his entourage can view all festivities in the square.






Venezia (Venice), Italy (4) – At the Venetian Lagoon (Day 13)

We head southeast from the main station through a maze of winding streets and dead ends to find the Venetian Lagoon, located in the Adriatic Sea.   We took a stroll along the busy street of Riva deli Schiavoni and admire some of the beautiful buildings situated on tiny islands.  On our journey back to the station, we take a walk through the Piazza San Marco where it was just too busy to appreciate.




Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute



Church of Giorgio Maggiore



Along the Riva degli Schiavoni












Piazza San Marco














Venezia (Venice), Italy (3) – Buildings (Day 13)

The deteoriation of the buildings is evident everywhere.  Because it’s Venice, this is considered characteristic and romantic.  However, this would not be the perception when we see this in a modern landscape.  It would be considered old and rundown.  Click on any image for a larger view.