Budapest, Hungary (2) – A Walk Back to the Station (Day 5)

In the second portion of our walk, we continue north of Buda Castle through the neighbourhood of Vizivaros.   When we reach the Margaret Bridge, we cross over to the Pest district.  We make our way back to the Main Station by zigzagging behind Parliament and the neighbourhoods of Terezvaros and Erzsebetvaros.

We head over to the Margaret Bridge (yellow bridge on the left-bottom corner)



Felsovizivarosi Szent Anna – Catholic Church

18th Centure baroque church



I loved the colourful exterior of this residential apartment



Hungarian Parliament



The Margaret Bridge



Crossing the Margaret Bridge, we see the Hungarian Parliament to the left and Buda Castle in the distant right.



Behind Parliament



In Kossuth Lajoster Square



Guards at the Hungarian Parliament



Kossuth Square



Neprajzi Museum



An interactive fountain on Szabadsag ter



St. Stephen’s Basilica



Great Synagogue

The largest synagogue in Europe



Budapest, Hungary (1) – A Walk to Buda Castle ( Day 5)

In a 2.5 hour train ride from Vienna, we take a day trip to Budapest.   The city is divided by the Danube River with the district of Buda on the left bank and Pest on the right bank.   We venture from the Budapest-Keleti Main Station (on the Pest side) and head west on the commercial street of Rakoczi towards the river.  Once we reach the Danube, we turn right and head north to the 18th century stone bridge Szechenyi Lanchid.  After crossing the bridge, we climb up to Buda Castle.

In 1989, Hungary became an independent democracy.  With only 30 years of this independency, you can see the slow transformation from once forgotten to its’ former beauty.


Along Rakoczi










Reaching the Danube

Once we reached the Danube, we can see the 16th-century Turkish bathhouse “Ruda Baths”.  The Liberty Statue at the top of the hill is a memorial to the war dead.



Buda Castle



Vigado Concert Hall



Matthias Church looms in the the neighbourhood of Vizivaros, where we will venture through on our way back to the Main Station



Reaching Szechenyi Lanchid, the 18th Century Stone Bridge, we find a nice eatery



Crossing the Szechenyi Lanchid, we look back at the path we just walked.  A number of hotels, such as the Sofitel, Intercontinental and Marriot, reside along this route.




From Buda Castle, we look back at Szechenyi Lanchid and the Pest landscape




From the back side of the Castle grounds, we view the Buda residential area



Another view of the west side of Budapest




Wien (Vienna), Austria (4) – Prater (Day 4)

As per usual, if an opportunity arises for us to view some sights from above, we will seek it out.  This was the case when we read about the Giant Ferris Wheel located at the Wurstelprater amusement park.  We planned to make a quick stop  and then head to QuartierMuseum for some evening exploration.  However, what we discovered was not just a Giant Ferris Wheel.  The quick stop took up the whole evening.  We couldn’t get over the cleanliness, quality and colourfulness of the rides & amusement stands.

Visibly deserted at the start of the visit, the park became quickly occupied as the evening turned to dark.











































In the main entrance of Prater, there is a video jumbotron showing a concert that was being held at another venue within the park.  We took a moment to watch and listen to the performance.  What we thought was an incredible impersonation of Jose Feliciano turned out to be the real Jose Feliciano.





Wien (Vienna), Austria (3) – Mexikoplatz (Day 4)

We decided to take the U-Bahn to the Danube and see what the shores of the river has to offer.  We discover Mexikoplatz, a docking station for the riverboat cruise line.  These humungous ships sit waiting as their passengers embark on a shore leave tour of the city.

A walk along the north shores of the Danube we can see Heiliger Franz von Assisi a.k.a the Mexico Church.



Along Hndelskai with apartments on the background



Crossing the Donauinsel Bridge from the north shore of the Danube to the south shore



The Donauinsel Bridge on the right.  Looking across the Danube to Melia Vienna (a high rise hotel).



Riverboats getting an exterior cleaning



People relaxing on  Mexikoplatz.  Wouldn’t know if they were passengers who declined a trip to the city or locals enjoying what the area had to offer.



Wien (Vienna), Austria (2) – Street Scenes (Day 4)

Spending most of our time looking up at all the beautiful architecture, we miss what is at eye level.  Here are some scenes when we look around at the day-to-day activities and sights on the street.

School excursion in Karlsplatz



Playground at Karlsplatz



Horse drawn carriages line up outside the Albertina Museum



Citybike Station on Karntner Strabe, outside the Vienna State Opera House



Statue of the siren, Lorelei, at the Vienna State Opera House



Excavations at Michaelerplatz unearthed remains of a Roman house and former Burgtheater



One of the many statues outside Hofburg Palace



Shopping on Kohlmarkt



Could be an ad for the GQ Magazine



Before the noon hour rush









Holocaust Memorial



Carriages are getting backed up outside the Uhren Museum on Schulhof



The reason for the back-up…a removal of an illegally parked vehicle.





Wien (Vienna), Austria (1) – A Taste of Architecture (Day 4)

Skipping to Day 4 as Day 3 of our trip consisted of being on a train for almost 8 hours from Zurich.

The following photos depicts a very small portion of the beautiful architecture that exists in Vienna.  Spread throughout a large area of the city, a person can only explore so much in the one day we gave ourselves.   We opted out of Ringstrasse, the 5.3km long street that contained most of Vienna’s noteworthy buildings.  We stayed on streets that didn’t have a lot of vehicular traffic and sometimes wandered into areas where there was not a lot of pedestrian traffic.  If you plan for a visit, give yourself a few days to see all the incredible places this city has to offer.

Karlskirche (St. Charles’ Church) is a baroque church that is affiliated with the Catholic faith.



Technische Hochschule is a type of university that focuses on engineering sciences.



Vienna State Opera House

Located on busy Ringstrasse, it was difficult getting a picture without cars or light stands



Back view of State Opera House



Hotel Bristol



Hotel Sacher



Albertina Museum



Austrian National Library at Josefsplatz



Hofburg Palace



Museum Judenplatz

The architecture may be simple, but the significance of this building far outweighs palaces and castles



Heiliger Franz von Assisi (St. Francis of Assisi Church) is located beside the Danube River



Catholic Church Maria am Gestade



Looshaus stirred controversy in the 1909 year that it was built.  Located across Michaelerplatz from the Hofburg Palace, it deemed too modern.



Even the small commercial shops on the side streets had unique architecture













Zurich, Switzerland (6) – 25hours hotel langstrasse (Day 1, 2 and 16)

My last post of Zurich is about the most interesting hotel that I have ever stayed in.    Where most hotels give you a good night’s sleep, this hotel also gives you an experience.  It was the start and end of our 2017 European journey.

Outside the hotel



The Neni restaurant where we had our breakfast



The Gift Shop sold very interesting items



Display case beside the reception desk




Using clothespins as bookmarks was neat



Espresso Bar

Looking down from the staircase



Bar Lounge






An interesting piece of art beside the staircase



Decorative lighting on the staircase to 2nd floor



Looking down from 2nd floor



Business Centre on the second floor



Available meeting areas on the second floor



Second Floor bar is available for those using the meeting rooms



A wall is covered with dominoes



Another wall is covered with album covers



Floor information that is displayed outside the elevator doors