Panama City, Panama (7) – Cinta Costera III

Cinta Costera III is the extension of Cinta Costera that includes vehicular travel.   It is a 5.2 km loop that wraps around the neighborhood of Casco Viejo with one end at Calidonia (north) and the other end at El Chorillo (south).  It provides vehicle travellers a quick and easy access from one neighbourhood to the other without having to maneuver through heavy traffic.

At sunset, we ventured out starting on the Calidonia end and walk about one-third into the loop and return back.

Muelle Fiscal, Avenida Eloy Alfaro, San Felipe Ciudad De Panama

The loop entrance is to the right and the Port Authority is to the left

From the path entrance looking to the left, a view of the city skyline (north)

Looking to the right (south), we see Casco Viejo

There were many sitting benches available on this long stretch.  Bikers use the left path and pedestrians use the right path

To the far left is the vehicular road.  On the right you can see the distant lights of the loop that extends out into the Bay

Looking back to where we started our walk

From a lookout (about 1/3 into the loop), we see Casco Viejo.  El Chorrillo would be to the left and Calidonia would be to the right

A couple of nights before, this view is taken from the point in Casco Viejo (see  previous photo).  The middle row of lights is the loop.  The bottom row is a water reflection of the middle row.  The top distant lights are from the Amador Causeway that takes you deeper into the bay.

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