Panama City, Panama (3) – Parque Natural Metropolitano

We wanted to experience a natural setting of Central America without having to get involved in a tour group that would take us out of the city.  Parque Natural Metropolitano was a great solution.  Located on the northwest edge of the city, it is just over a kilometre from our hotel.  We would normally walk to this destination but with temperatures hovering in the high 30s, we opted to take the bus.  It was a good decision, the cool bus ride prepared us for the many hiking trails we walked.  The longest trail took us to the summit where we captured nice views of the city.

The following pictures depicts the thick greenery that exists and gave us shade.

A suspended leaf

Narrow, natural pathways

Part of the trail consisted of a wide roadway

Tree Farm

Tree Farm

At The Summit

Looking towards the eastern edge of the city

Moving clock-wise, just north of city central

City central, behind all those tall buildings is the Pacific Ocean (and our hotel)

Continuing clock-wise, looking south

Behind the white building in the center is Casco Viejo and to the right is the entrance to the Panama Canal.  You can see all the ships that had passed through or waiting to go through

A comparison of the thick jungle and a modernized city

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