Saskatchewan Canada (9) – Shekinah Retreat Centre

Shekinah Retreat Centre is located about 45 minutes north of Saskatoon along the North Saskatchewan River.

A gorgeous day, we spent a couple of hours wandering to the edge of the river and then climbing up Quill Hill.  There are 14 trails with different physical levels for hiking, biking and skiing.  I’m hoping to return later autumn to capture the color changes in the foliage.  So peaceful, it was a true experience in the beauty of nature.

The following photos captures only a small portion of this wonderful area.

The Playing Field with Quill Hill, in the background

Thick foliage walk towards the river.  This really wasn’t a true trail.  We kind of went off course for a few meters.

So many different shades of greenery

From the tower, we get a panoramic view

North Saskatchewan River is split by Redekopp Island (on the left)

Redekopp Island

A closer look at some summer foliage

On their map they called this a swimming/skating lake.  I’m not sure about the swimming part.

My grandson, Beckett sits on the seating available around the Amphitheatre.  Timber Lodge on the background.

From Quill Hill looking back towards Timber Lodge (green rooftop on the right)

The creek runs through the valley.  You can hike along either side on Ravine Trail.

From Quill Hill, you can see the North Saskatchewan River.  My daughter Amber is ahead of me.  You should be able to see Beckett and my husband, Rod, on the trail in the distance.

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