Panama City, Panama (6) – Cinta Costera, Along the Water’s Edge

Along the Panama Bay, there is a great 13km pedestrian/bike pathway, called Cinta Costera.  It stretches from the south edge of the city in the district of El Chorrillo to the north end of the city at Santa Elena.   Time constraints and heat prevented us from walking the whole 13km distance.  However, we did get to spend a number of times on portions of this route that was close to our hotel.  There were plenty of sights and activities in the short distant travelled.

People were very respectful with the rules of the road, separating themselves from bikers and walkers/runners

There were plenty of vendors with cold drinks to help ease the heat

Feral cats get snacks from a kind animal lover

Small soccer game

Nighttime vendors use the popular pathway to sell souvenirs and snacks

Skateboarding challenges

Open to the public, this exercise area is well used.

Large outside eatery located at the fish market

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