Panama City, Panama (5) – Casco Viejo

Designated as a World Heritage Site in 1997, “Old Quarter” is the historic district located on the southwest part of the city, along Panama Bay.   We start our journey in the late afternoon and continue into the evening as you will be able to see by the sequence of the photos.

A mixed blend of forgotten structures and upgraded buildings, they stand side by side each other.

One building is boarded up and the next one is festooned with lights and flowers

A neglected building

Neighbours visiting as the day cools

The remaining section of a 17th-century fortification.  This structure was part of the land-based defensive wall known as Tiger’s Hand.

Plaza Herrera

Plaza Herrera

American Trade Hotel

Ruina del convento de Santo Domingo

Cathedral Basilica Metropolitana Santa Maria La Antigua

Central Hotel

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