Panama City, Panama (9) – Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces of Panama City that didn’t fit under any of my previous post headings

Parking is a premium in Panama.  Not much for on street parking, people rely on strip malls.  This photo depicts a common occurance…double parking.  During our visit to Starbucks, we witnessed a couple of people waiting for the owner of the vehicle that blocked them in.  Interesting factor was that the people didn’t appear to be upset.  It just seems to be a way of life.

Estacion Iglesia del Carmen Metro Station.  We took many trips from this station as it was located a couple of blocks from our hotel.   At .35 cents per trip, our $5.00 pass card lasted the whole week and we still had money left over on the card.

Salida Station

Overhead metro tracks are common outside the city centre

Dismantling a scaffolding set that was used for a previous day event in the park.  Many outside work related jobs are done in the late afternoon and into the evening to keep the crew cool.

Busy intersections like this use overhead walkways (where this photo was taken from) instead of on-the-street pedestrian lights.  We were heading to the Multiplaza Panama that is located just to the left after the curve.  We needed to cross the curved street and found it was manned by a crossing guard.  With temperatures in the high 30C, this young guy was dressed in a black uniform stopping vehicles so pedestrians can cross the street.  I don’t know how long his shift was, but I couldn’t do it.

Contrast between highrise condos and single-family dwellings

Large carousel inside the Albrook Mall

Terminal de Albrook, main bus station that is next to the Albrook Mall.  We pass through the terminal to catch the bus that took us to the Miraflores Locks.

Regional buses waiting for their passengers

These buses are being replaced with new air-conditioned buses.  On some city routes, you can use one of the newer buses at .35 cents or one of these for .25.  Many locals still enjoy using these.

Vendor Lane in Casco Viejo

Water’s edge of Casco Viejo.  I think this is the only beach in the city.

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