Panama City, Panama (4) – Parque Natural Metropolitano – Residents

Parque Natural Metropolitano is a protected area with the only wildlife refuge in the Panama City.  We crossed paths with some creatures on our hike through the park.  There weren’t as many as I had hoped to have seen but enough to keep it interesting.

Turtle Pond



We were fortunate to have a passerby point out the Coati in the trees, otherwise, we would have missed him.  Animals were hard to find.



Good thing I had my telephoto lens.  This little Inicio scooted into the thickness when we came too close.



Never stray from the designated path as you may step on these…Fire Ants.



All along this wooden border were ants working to their home destination.  The little green dots you see here were Cutterleaf ants carrying their load.


With a closer look, you can see various items being carried along this path border



Various samples of butterfly cocoons as displayed in the butterfly house






These were my favourite



Owl Butterflies love their pineapple






There were a variety of butterflies.  It was hard to capture a photo because they were constantly moving.


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