Saskatoon, SK Canada (12) – Views from my Window

My current home is a 17th floor apartment beside the South Saskatchewan River.  Over the last 14 years (except 2016, when we lived elsewhere), we have witnessed spectacular natural sights.  The sun, clouds, rain and snow, each participate separately and together to bring me beauties that I can never imagine.  Each photo tells a story.  Harsh winters that bring out the steam from the river, different cloud formations that can bring beauty or danger, rainy weather that creates an artistic vision, and sunsets that can be haunting and profound.  The colours of these photos have not been altered, what you see is what I saw.  I have also put them in a chronological order starting in 2006 to present 2020.

The last photo depicts the stark reality of COVID-19.  All the years living here, I have never witnessed such emptiness on the streets.

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