Saskatchewan Canada (1)

Saskatchewan is my hometown province which is situated in central Canada.

I am fortunate to be married to a pilot who has access to a Cherokee.  The aerial shots you see here were taken on an outing when my husband wanted to log some hours.  I went along for something to do.


This shot shows the flatness of Saskatchewan where you can see for miles and miles (or in my case, kilometres and kilometres).




Another shot of a prairie landscape. A number of years ago, Saskatchewan was known for its’ golden wheat fields. To diversify, the farmers had to change their crops. They have become more yellow fields of canola.




A couple of years ago, Saskatchewan received more rain than was needed. The photo below depicts all the little pools of water that to this day, they still exist.




A waterlogged province




Saskatchewan also has its’ fair share of hills and valleys. The Fort Qu’Appelle Valley is situated near the southern part of the province.




The South Saskatchewan River. The U-shaped lake to left is Pike Lake Provincial Park. A beautiful lake park where many people from Saskatoon call their year-round home and would commute to Saskatoon to work.




The Riverside Country Club is located just south of Saskatoon edge.




Flocks of Snow Geese take refuge at one of the many lakes.




Harvest time in Saskatchewan. You can tell it has been a moist year. Even after the crops have been taken off, any leftover vegetation has turn to green instead of brown.



2 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Canada (1)

  1. Dear Fai Quan,

    I am a design student from Germany and I was working on an assignment to redesign the look of a country. I chose Canada, since I am Half-Canadian and it is such a beautiful country. I was searching the internet a lot for images I could use and came across your awesome photograph of Sasketchewan (#4 on this page). My question is, if you would mind if I used this image for a brochure? It is just a fictitious project and I’m not making any money of it, but I would like to submit it to a design award ( and I wouldn’t want to use your photograph if you’re not okay with it. Best case would be that my project could get featured in a design magazine. Please message me back, it would mean a lot to me. I would also love to send you a PDF of my project, so you have an idea of what I’m talking about!

    Thank you very much in advance!

    All the best,

    Tara Otto

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