Bali – Sunrise, Sunset

I use to think that prairie sunrises and sunsets were the best in the world until I met Bali.

The sun will rise around 7:00 AM and the sun will set around 7:00 PM every day, 365 days of the year.  The discovery of the sunrises were really by accident.  Because our clocks were out of sync by about 12 hours, the first couple of days we were rising around 5:00 AM.  Since our hotel was located right next to the beach, we wandered towards the sound of the ocean waves.  We can see shadowy movements amongst the reclining beach chairs along the way.  This was a morning ritual for these shadowy figures.  They would come to the beach to watch the sunrise and now I know why.

Bali Sea

Our first morning sunrise

Calm waters

Low tide


The sunset was just as beautiful.   The locals would get together for a social swim and take in the moment.  Not only watching the sunset making magic but observing the people spending this daily time together was memorable.


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