Bali – The Village of Penglipuran

The Village showed us how the Balinese people live.

Each home consists of a very large yard with separate buildings for different parts (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.) of a house.  When you enter through the front gate of the yard, you are actually entering their residence.

You will see photos of a home that we were invited to tour.

A street view of the village. No roadways for vehicles except a motorbike.

A typical front entrance

The Temple at the end of the street

The Mom of the home

The kitchen cupboard

The prayer room.  I found that these rooms were always the best maintained.

The kitchen

Cooking something

The backyard

The prized pig is an investment for the family. Where we would buy GICs, they would buy a pig.

Children of the home


The prized motorbike

Rooftops of the neighbours

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