Bali – The People

I found the Balinese people to have gentle personalities.  This quiet persona was heartwarming to me.

Hawkers providing fresh fruit at the Tampak Siring Temple.

Hawkers providing snacks at the Besakih Temple.

We found all the construction work was very manual. Breaking up an old sidewalk was handled with old tools.

Garbage collection is hands on. No automated trucks here.

Digging for crabs. (I think)

Selling fresh fruit to passengers in cars waiting at a red light.

Ketut – our first Tour Guide. We thought he looked like Barack Obama.

Wayan – our second tour guide. He liked smoking clove cigarettes and shared a liqueur with Rod at the Spice Farm.

A priest at the Besakih Temple.

Musicians checking out a cell phone during the performance of the Barong and Kris Dance

Balinese heading to the Temple with their offerings.    They follow their beliefs to the core.

School children on an outing

Penglipuran village children having fun

Fishing by the Bali Sea

A youngster mesmerized by the Barong and Kris Dance.

Two little girls practicing carrying things on their heads. The smaller one had a couple of upsets but in the end, she accomplished her goal.

Mother and chlld at Tampaksiring, “The Fountain of Youth” and Holy Spring

Sanur Beach

A man and his bike on the breakwater

Waiting for the sunset

As we waited for the sunset, a group of children invaded our area looking for crabs amongst the rocks. I found the children in Bali to be fearless. The idea of anything bad happening to them was foreign.

Teenage boys watching the sunset.

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