New York NY (8) – Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is located at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue.  Another incident where we stumbled across it by accident on our way to the orange line from Riverside Park.

The front facade of the cathedral is an example of 13th century High Gothic style.

The south side of the church

A quaint sitting area in a park-like setting located on the grounds to the south

A closer look at the beautiful architecture

Details in abundance

Figures of saints carved into exterior columns

One of two sets of bronze doors in the entrance. They present scenes from the Old and New Testatments and the Apocalypse.

The longest gothic nave in the United States at 230 feet

Passageway running alongside the nave.

Sitting for the Choir at the front of the altar

The Great Organ was built by E.M. Skinner in 1911 and currently valued at over eight million dollars. We were fortunate to be there during a practice. The sounds were absolutely spectacular.

The narrow circular stairway to the organ is single person wide.

Looking towards the front of the Cathedral from the altar

A closer look at the stain-glass windows above the entrance doors.

And more gorgeous stain-glass windows alongside marble columns

And more columns

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