New York NY (14) – Chelsea

Unfortunately I did not get enough photos of one of my favourite neighbourhoods in New York.   Chelsea sits on the West Side of Manhattan between 14th and 30th streets with the Hudson River on the west and 6th/7th Avenue on the east.

In 2012, we accidentally came across the area in our attempt to tour High Line Park.  Since the Park was closed due to Hurricane Sandy, we ventured through the streets and came across Chelsea.

Chelsea Park – a running/walking track around the soccer field

Chelsea Park – soccer players warming up before the game

The painted side of a school

We had a great breakfast at this restaurant. Family owned service at its’ best.

The Moonstruck Cafe is located directly across from the Chelsea Restaurant. I took this shot while having my breakfast at the Chelsea Restaurant.

Many cities (including the one I live in) should use the example set by New York for bike lanes. These lanes are located everywhere.

Bikers taking advantage of the great lanes. Friendly New Yorkers stop at a red light for a chat.

Modern and old architecture is evident in Chelsea

A cool way of adding creativity to the side of a building

Hotel Chelsea was once used as a long-term residence for many in the creative arts field – Stanley Kubrick, Bob Dylan, Dennis Hopper, Jane Fonda, Joni Mitchell, etc.

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