Iceland (14) – Reykjavik Streets (Inside and Out)

This post shows some of the buildings, externally and internally, in and around downtown Reykjavik.  I wished I would have stayed in Iceland longer so I could have explored this city.  I only got a small glimpse into this amazing city.

Creative bicycle stands

A table for two.

Coffee/Book shop

Treat offerings from the coffee shop.

Skateboarding in a downtown square.  All the participants take turns sharing the space.  I watched a young girl in a frilly pink dress go slowly down a ramp.  Surrounded by teenagers, they waited patiently and smiled as she took her time.

Downtown, Laekjargata and Bankastraeti

Downtown stores are mainly made of small shops.

This shop was tucked away on a side street.

I loved the “Bad Taste Record Store” sign

Colour, colour, colour. Iceland is not afraid of colour.

Residential area

Lovely residential walkup

Reflection of homes from work building

Beautiful residence

Modern condos on the marina

Downtown office buildings is the backdrop for the statue of Jon Sigurosson (leader of independence movement)

The small sign depicts a car being towed.  This is the Icelandic version of “No parking”.  It tells you like it is regardless of your language.

Tjornin Lake, right in the heart of downtown Reykjavik

Residences along Tjornin

Inside a restaurant at the Viking Museum

Inside “Perlan”, this landmark water storage facility is also used for concerts. It has a revolving restaurant at the top and houses the Viking Saga Museum.

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