Savannah GA (1) – A Gorgeous City

What drew us to this particular place was our appreciation of the movie, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”.  There was something about the heat and character of the city that was so pronounced in the film.  We knew it had to be one of our vacation destinations.  Not only the laid-back vibe made this trip most relaxing, but the history added interest and the passion of the paranormal added excitement.

The following photos are mainly shot in the Historic District which is full of charm and character.

Marshall House Hotel is known to be haunted.  Once used as an Union Hospital, ghostly encountered were to be experienced in the basement of this hotel.

Located on the corner of Congress and Abercorn, this beautiful theatre is home to both live performances and film presentations.

Located along the bluff above the Savannah River, Thomas Gamble Building is used for government offices.

Old Savannah Cotton exchange

A couple of many buildings on East River Street alongside the Savannah River.  A popular tourist destination, full of shops and eateries.

Historical architecture

An interesting parking garage on W Bay Street

Inside one of the parking garages along W Bay Street

Colonial Park Cemetery

The Colonial Park Cemetery at night.  Hoping to catch a ghost wandering through

The Talmadge Memorial Bridge over the Savannah River.

Along E Bay Street, City Hall lit up in the distance.

Lower walkways along E Bay Street

A gorgeous staircase to the entrance of many beautiful brownstones.

One of many similar residences within the Historic District

Mercer Williams House on Monterey Square. This was the home of Jim Williams from the famous book and movie, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”

The monument is a silent testimony to the Haitians that fought in the Revolutionary War

Sidewalk on Whitaker Street with Forsyth Park to the right. The shade of the trees were much appreciated during our high heat visit.

Built in 1858, this fountain is a landmark at Forsyth Park.

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