Savannah GA (2) – Skidaway Island State Park

Skidaway Island State Park is located approximately 24km southeast of Savannah.  This 588 acre park is a haven for summer fun providing numerous campsites and cabins.  There is approximately 10km of hiking trails through thick spanish moss and oaks.  Some wildlife may be spotted and there were signs to watch out for alligators.  We did not come across any…alligators, that is.

We were there in the offseason so the only people we saw were staff at the entrance of the park.  Our solitary walk through the trails was a bit of adventure.  Good thing there were plenty of trees for shade since the day was very hot and humid.

The following photos depicts a small portion of the 10km trail.



Shaded refuge in the 30+ celsius heat.




Watching out for alligators




Spanish Moss







A closer look of the Spanish Moss




Some small critters makes this humid environment their home.  A frog sitting still, thinking we don’t see him.




Hiding from us or the sun?




From the outpost, you can see the Skidaway River








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