Amsterdam, Brussels & Rotterdam – Some of My Meals

If I was on the ball and not so ravenous, I would have taken the time to capture a photo of all my meals that I had devoured on my trip.  The following photos are just a small portion of the great food I was able to consume.  Did I gain any weight?  Only my scale will know.


food 1

Leek and Potato Soup with Bitterballen at Langendijk Cafe.  I had read about Bitterballen in the an airline magazine enroute to Amsterdam.  When the item appeared on a menu, I did not hesitate to try it.  I loved them!



food 2

Granola, fruit and yogurt with Espresso at Burgerij in Amsterdam Centraal.  Burgerij provides a great breakfast besides Burgers.



food 5

Toasted Sesame Bagel with Lime & Walnut Cream Cheese at Bagels and Beans on Raadhuistraat



food 6

I love the rock shaped sugar cubes at the Bagels and Beans



food 8

Pulled Pork Open Face Sandwich and Chicken Satay & Peanut Sauce at the Small Talk Eating House in the Museum Quarter



food 4

Cannoli at Rene’s on Damstraat.  This fantastic little pastry came from Rene’s which is located only a couple of short blocks from my hotel.  I also had a Belgian Waffle which I attacked before I got a photo.  Just picture a Belgian Waffle with two inches of whipped cream and strawberries, drizzled with chocolate.



food 9

Apple Beignets from Rene’s



food 10

Coke with Lemon at Snack City in Brussels.  Coke appeared to be popular drink in Europe, especially served with a lemon wedge.  I haven’t had a coke in years and decided to give it a try.  I quite like it.



food 11

Macchiato and Espresso at a corner coffeeshop in Brussels.  I wish I would have recorded the name of the coffeeshop where we got these drinks.  After the rain, the outdoor space appeared so much more colourful.



food 12

Cappucino and Macchiato at an Illy Coffee House in the Gare du Midi Bruxelle Station.  We stopped for a coffee before boarding our train back to Amsterdam.  I liked how they served the cappuccino in a tall glass.  I didn’t enjoy the moment of carrying this on a small tray to my table.



food 3

Plankies at Markthal (Market Hall) in Rotterdam.  I wanted to go local, see we shared a Plankie.  A combination of meats, cheeses, bread and things I didn’t know.  It was all most delicious.


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