Amsterdam (2) – Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam Centraal serves as a hub providing excitement and adventure for travellers arriving and departing from this beautiful city.  We were one of the many explorers that stood on the platforms to catch our trains to Brussels, Rotterdam and Zaandam.

This gorgeous building stands in the heart of Nieuwe Zijde.

The tower on the left shows wind direction.  The tower on the right display time.

A closer look at the clock tower reveals gorgeous detailed design.

Just inside the entrance of the main doors, there is a baby grand piano that is available for anyone wishing to tickle of the ivories.  This young gentleman played the “Theme from A Love Story”.  Judging by his age, I doubt he was even born when this tune came out of the airwaves.

A shot of the expanse of the station from 15a

There are 6 platforms like these with up to 15 sets of tracks.

Access is by taking the escalator down to the underground medway and through the mall that has various access point to each platform.

Late return from Zaandam allowed me to get a night shot of this beautiful building.

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