Amsterdam (6) – Cafes, Restaurants and Eateries

The abundance of eateries in Amsterdam sure made it difficult but yet easy for options.  Difficult in the sense that there was so much to choose from but yet easy because you did have to search for a place to eat.   On Nes, where our hotel was located, must have had at least 7 fine dining restaurants and pubs.  Each evening we walk along the narrow pathway to find all these establishments packed full of patrons.

“The Lobby” – This restaurant and bar was located within our hotel, Hotel V Nesplein.  If we plan on having supper there, we were advised to make reservations.  Because we didn’t want to commit on a date and time, we never did and believed that we would be able to walk-in.  Wrong!  This place was packed every evening.  However, we did have breakfast there one morning (thus the photo above) and it was the best Eggs Benedict I ever had.

“coffeecompany” on Damstraat.  Not only good coffee but the pastries were to die for.

“Majestic” at Dam Square.  We never did stop at this establishment.  Located at Dam Square, it would have been a great people watching experience.

Stedeijk Museum Restaurant.  A rainy day prevented patrons from enjoying the outside patio.

“De Brakke Grond Cafe” located on Nes next to our hotel.  This cafe is part of the Flemish Arts Centre, which is a place where Flemish artists can present their work.

“Langendijk”.  We stopped in here on our venture to see an Old Style Windmill.  This is where I got my first taste of Bitterballen.  Delicious!

“Burger Zaken” on Damstraat.  This eat-in or take-out cafe serves juicy and tasty burgers.  You’ll see my husband, Rod, sitting inside the entrance waiting for our take-out.  We consumed ours on a bench in the Red Light District (located a couple of blocks away) and watched the curiosity seekers.

“Bagels and Beans”  Serves a wide selection of bagels and spreads.

“Rene’s” on Damstraat.  Everyday we stopped here for a tasty pastry treat.

A couple bowls of hot soup was enjoyed on the top floor of this Asian Restaurant on Damstraat.

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