Amsterdam (8) – For the Love of Bikes

During my research on Amsterdam, I found lots of info about bikes.  Two warnings were predominant.   Bikers were rude and be watchful because they will run you over.  I had a fear that our love of exploratory walks will be dampened because of this.  However, these were unfounded.

People have to realize that bike riders are no different than car drivers.  This is their mode of transportation and they have a designated path to travel on.  If you are walking on their path, they will ring their bell to warn you to either step aside or they will be passing you.  This should be no different than if you were to walk in the middle of a street that is designated for cars.  You just don’t do it.

I have much admiration for this mode of transportation.  There is no constant traffic noise from vehicles and the air is much easier to breath.  It also represents a much healthier lifestyle for those individuals who ride their bikes.

In the photo above, you can see that the bike path, which is shared by small vehicles, takes up most the lane space.  Pedestrians still have a small path to walk.  I have respect for the way everyone co-operates in using these lanes.

Three types of traffic lights are used: vehicle, bike and pedestrian.

Parents can keep a watchful eye on their children as most child carriers are located in the front.

A single rider on Damrak.  A wider street provides plenty of pedestrian space, bike space and boulevard to separate cars and trams.  I was hoping to get a shot of a multi-tasking bike rider.  I did see a few carrying an opened umbrella and texting with one hand while the other hand steered.

Bike parking lot located on one of the piers outside of Amsterdam Centraal.

The parking lot at the University

The bikes for sale run around 225 euro.  The same bikes would sell for about 25 euro in my town.  It almost appears that the bike with the worse condition are the popular ones.

Milk crates seems to be the carrier of choice.

Fit for a family

Front end carriers can be pretty.

As well as the bike.

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