Amsterdam (10) – Red Light District

I only have a few pictures of the Red Light District.  It has been known that you have to be cautious in using your camera as it may end up in the canal.  This belief appeared to be respected as I saw very few picture taking moments from other individuals in this area.

As per our usual walkabout, we discovered this area by accident.  The first visit was still early so not much was happening.   The second time was later into the evening.   Our favourite hamburger place was full so we decided to walk a few blocks over, eat our burgers  while watching the action.

Entering the Red Light District.  It was early evening so not much action yet.

Taking a chance with the camera.  As long as I wasn’t taking a photo of one of the Ladies, I was okay.  This was a view from the bench where we ate our burgers and take in the scene.

Keeping my distance…it was dark and I was using my telephoto lens.

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