Frankfurt am Main, Hessen (3) – Evening Stroll (Day Six)

An evening stroll along the banks of the Main River give us an insight to constant riverbank activities as we go from twilight to darkness.    We travel west on the north banks from Moselstrabe, across the Friedesnbrucke (bridge) to the south banks and travel east to Eiserner Steg (pedway) where we cross and head back to the hotel.

From the north bank looking south

Looking east of the Main River from  Friedensbrucke (bridge).  We’ll be heading up the right-hand side.

From Friedensbrucke (bridge),  downtown business district to the left.

From Friedesnbrucke (bridge) looking south at a riverbank hall with what appears to be, a small wedding reception.

On the south bank looking west at the setting sun.  The little light spots in the sky were planes coming into the Frankfurt Airport.

Looking back at Friedensbrucke (bridge) with the Westhafenplatz (round tower) in the background

On the south bank, heading east.

Holbensteg (pedway)

Passing under Holbensteg, we see Eiserner Steg (pedway)

People enjoying the gorgeous evening listening to music and dancing.

Takeout served from a boat

Or dine on a boat

Approaching Eiserner Steg

Looking north from Eiserner Steg

Eiserner Steg

Yes, it is full of “Locks”

At the end of Eiserner Steg,  we make our way back up the right side of the bank to our hotel.

Office towers located across the street from our hotel

A lit creative structure located in the plaza of the Skyline Plaza

The Skyline Plaza was across the street from our hotel.  A supermarket, located just to the left of the entrance doors, has a great deli.  Opened until 3:00 am, we were able to get some late night snacks after returning from a long day trip.  This evening ended with a stop here.

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