Munchen (Munich), Bavaria (2) – A Three Hour Walk (Day Seven)

The slow 5.5 km loop stroll starts at Altes Rathaus and ends at our hotel, March Munchen.  By the natural light, you can tell we started late in the day at 5 pm and ended around 8 pm.  It’s overwhelming to think all the following photos exist within a few kilometres of each other.  This city is so rich in history, I wish I had more time to explore.

Altes Rathaus, the old town hall

About a block east of Altes Rathaus

Looking down Tal street

A few blocks north of Altes Rathaus

Bayerisches Staatsoper aka Nationaltheater is home to the Munich’s opera and ballet performances.  Mozart’s first “opera seria” was premiered on January 29th, 1781 in the Residence Theatre.

To the right of Bayerisches Staatsoper

Louis Vuitton Store

A few blocks north of Bayerisches Staatsoper

Feldherrnhallle, 19th-century, Italianate monument to the Bavarian army and the site of Hitler’s 1923 Beer Hall Putsch

Located to the right of Feldherrnhalle is the Staatliche Munzsammlung, the Munich State Mint

Next door, north of the State Mint

Residenz Munchen orginated as a small moated castle built in 1385.  Currently, it contains the Royal Treasury and Cuvillies Theater.

Across the street from the Residenz is a Starbucks that sits beside the Munich Court Garden

Pavilion in Munich Court Garden

50’s swing dancing in the Pavilion

East of Munich Court Garden

Bayerische Staatskanzlei is the office of The Bavarian State Chancellery

A park separates the Pavilion and Bayerrisch Staatskanzlei

As we head east to the river, we walk past the Bavarian National Museum

Bavarian National Museum was the brain child of King Maximillian II, who wanted a museum of “German antiquities”  Christened in 1855, this building contains varied collections from the medieval period to Art Noveau.

Crossing the Isar River, we see Maximilianeum in the distance

As soon as we cross the river, we find Angel of Peace

Angel of Peace Friedensengel is regarded as a symbol of Munich.  Created to mark the 25 years of peace after 1871, it is modelled on the ancient Greek goddess of victory, Nike

Looking down Prinzregentenstrabe from the Angel of Peace Friedensengel, we see the street we just walked up

We head south through Maximiliansanlagen Park.  It was a warm September day with gorgeous greenery.

In 1852, Maximilianeum Foundation was created for the purpose of providing free board and lodging to gifted Bavarian students to study at a university in Munich.  No longer used as the original intention, the Foundation now rents to the Bavarian Parliament.

We travel west on Maximilianstrabe which is one of four royal avenues.  Starts from Maximilianeum and ends at the Bayerisches National theater, this boulevard is a major shopping street for the rich.

Storefronts across from the Bayerisches Nationaltheater, which is located to the left in this photo.  The Louis Vuitton store is behind me.

Heading west from the Nationaltheatre

Wittelsbach Fountain was built in 1895 to mark the inauguration of the infrastructure that provides drinking water to the city.

Munchen Karlsplatz

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