Bacharach, Rhineland-Palatinate (1) – The Town (Day Nine)

Along the Rhine River, there is a 36-miles stretch between Mainz and Klobenz that is popular for the riverboat cruises.   These cruises will carry you through beautiful hillside wine country.  Nestled between these two places sits a small town called Bacharach.   We decided to take the train along this stretch instead so we can stop and walk the hills to be up close and personal.  A small population of just over 2,000, its’ picturesque setting is beautiful and breathtaking.

The small town of Lorch is located on the other side of the Rhine.  This is a view from the top of a hillside in Bacharach.

Long flat cargo boats share the tourist boats that makes its’ way along the Rhine.

One of the many tour boats that travels between Mainz and Klobenz.  You can sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the glorious view.

Long sandbars stretch from the shores of Bacharach

Wine country at its’ finest.

Looking down at the rooftops as we make our way to the castle.

A view of Burg Stahleck from the shoreline

Quaint little hotel tucked in on a small side street

Looking down the street from the train station

The main shopping area is quiet on a weekday

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