Saskatoon, SK Canada (10) – Canada Remembers Airshow 2017 (Dundurn)

It was a rain threatening day but it was the best backdrop for the Canada Remembers Airshow 2017 at the Dundurn Army Base.  We were honoured to be the witnesses of The Snowbirds’ first show of the season and a rare opportunity at the end of the show (as revealed in my last two photos).

Their first approach to the show.









Showing their Canadian colours with pride



Dispersing to reveal to show a display below






You wouldn’t know it, but there are actually three airplanes here



Two becomes three



Two right side up and two upside down









The plane to the left was performing loops around the three planes.  As you can see, one of the planes is upside down.



Performing a figure eight loop around the four planes






The Maple Leaf maneuver



Top view of the planes to end the performance



CAF SkyHawks gets to display their talents.  This is the first set of jumpers.






In recognition of our American allies



Starting at 3,000 feet in the air.  The second set of jumpers.






Our Canadian flag



From 3,000 feet to right on target (the orange mat beside the red and white sign).  An amazing feat as it was a really windy day.



Celebrating Canada 150, the CF18 shows its’ birthday colours.



While most of the people exited for home, the few remaining visitors were treated to a fly by as the Snowbirds head back to Moose Jaw from Saskatoon.  A rare occasion as it included all twelve instead of nine (you only see eleven as the twelfth one was off to the side videotaping the flight) and the CF18



An encore fly over that brought blue skies




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