Budapest, Hungary (2) – A Walk Back to the Station (Day 5)

In the second portion of our walk, we continue north of Buda Castle through the neighbourhood of Vizivaros.   When we reach the Margaret Bridge, we cross over to the Pest district.  We make our way back to the Main Station by zigzagging behind Parliament and the neighbourhoods of Terezvaros and Erzsebetvaros.

We head over to the Margaret Bridge (yellow bridge on the left-bottom corner)



Felsovizivarosi Szent Anna – Catholic Church

18th Centure baroque church



I loved the colourful exterior of this residential apartment



Hungarian Parliament



The Margaret Bridge



Crossing the Margaret Bridge, we see the Hungarian Parliament to the left and Buda Castle in the distant right.



Behind Parliament



In Kossuth Lajoster Square



Guards at the Hungarian Parliament



Kossuth Square



Neprajzi Museum



An interactive fountain on Szabadsag ter



St. Stephen’s Basilica



Great Synagogue

The largest synagogue in Europe



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