Innsbruck, Austria (2) – Finding A Way to the Funicular (Day 15)

On our second day, we took a walk along the river Inn where we catch both an old time feel and modern day emergence.  Keeping ourselves to the northern part of the riverbank, we search for a station for the Funicular which would take us up the mountain.   We ended up backtracking to the south side and catch the cable car at Hungerburgbahn Lowenhaus.

A view from Marktplatz and the river Inn.  We will head to the left of this photo.  Crossing the first bridge along the way, we will eventually walk along the street where these beautiful building exist.

Turning around, we see Marktplatz.  Our hotel, Hotel Maximilian, is the white building at the far right of this photo.

Modern apartments along the northern side of the river

Crossing the bridge to the north side of the river, we look back at the path we just walked.

A great pedestrian path beside the residential buildings we saw in 3rd photo of this post.  Staying on this path, we continue east on the northern side of the river to find the cable car to take us to Nordkette.

A mix of old and new

Park Inn Cafe


Making our way back to the south side of the river, we head to the Hans-Psenner Steg (a covered pedestrian bridge)

Inside Hans-Psenner Steg

From Hans-Psenner Steg, we see the bridge for the cable car.  A good indication our destination is near.

From the other side of the bridge we see the old cable car rails

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