Innsbruck, Austria (5) – Nordkette aka “Jewel of the Alps”

My last post of our European 2017 trip ends on a high note at Hafelekar Peak in Nordkette.   A cable car makes two stops along the way.  The first is The Seegrube Station, where you can participate in many climbing activities or enjoy Tyrolean cuisine in the Seegrube Restaurant.

The second and last stop is the Hafelekar Peak which is located just over 1,000 feet higher than Seegrube Station.  You get 360 degrees of breathtaking views of the city of Innsbruck to gorgeous views of the mountain range.

Seegrube Station



From Seegrube Station, you can see the cable car that continues on to Hafekelar



Just on the other side of that peak is Hafekelar



From Hafelekar Station, we climb an additional 78 meters to reach the peak.  You can see the Summit Cross that we eventually get to touch.



An avid hiker can spend hours exploring the many routes available.  Just make sure you have the right gear.



Cautious footing on very slippery conditions, would prevent sliding down and/or wiping out



Views from the Summit

From the Peak, we look down to Hafelekar Station



The Summit Cross



A feathered friend was hoping this individual was willing to share her lunch.



Unfortunately, a cloudy day prevents me from getting any photos of Innsbruck


















Two hikers make their way to another spot to enjoy the view








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