Madrid, Spain (3) – Royal Guards

Enroute to Plaza Mayor, we came across a large entourage of Royal Guards at the “Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperacion” building (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation).  They were escorting dignitaries to the Royal Palace.   I did get a photo of an individual getting into the carriage but after some research, I could not determine who she was.

There were a number of troops coming and going from the Government Building to Palacio Real via Plaza Mayor.

I have been unsuccessful in getting information regarding the different coloured uniforms.  There are four different uniforms with different coloured horses.

Different coloured uniforms on different coloured horses at the government office

Silver plumes, blue uniforms and dark brown horses

Red plumes, blue uniforms and white horses

White plumes, white uniforms and brown horses

When we reached Mayor Plaza, a different troop was passing through heading to the government building

Pink plumes, black uniforms and brown horses.  The first troop we saw, coming back from Palacio Real.

Another troop heading to the Palacio Real

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