Madrid, Spain (5) – The Cathedral & Crypt of Almudena

The Cathedral

The Cathedral of Almudena is the main Church of the Archdiocese of Madrid.  The construction of the church, under the Marquis of Cubas, started in 1879 and was completed in 1993.

Security and controllers diverting traffic away from the incoming Royal Guards

The back of the cathedral

The front of the Cathedral.  Palacio Real is located just to the right of this photo.

The Image of Santa Maria de la Almudena, Patroness of the city

The Crypt

The sudden death of Queen Maria de las Mercedes initiated the creation of the Crypt.  Located under the Cathedral, La Cripta contains more than 400 columns, five naves and 18 chapels.

The image of Our Lady of the Flor de Lis.  It was commissioned by King Alfonso VI in AD 1083, making it one of the oldest images in all Madrid

400 columns, each with a unique capital

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