Valencia, Spain (4) – La Malvarrosa Beach

La Malvarrosa Beach is the closet beach to central Valencia and is most popular with the locals.  A wonderful promenade is lined with palm trees and has many eateries and bars overlooking the Mediterranean.  The largest beach I have ever seen,  I couldn’t get over how beautiful the sand was…powdery and soft.

Rod’s detailed shoeprint is evident of how fine the sand is



Being February, the beach is quite deserted.



A small stretch of resorts is located on the southern end of the beach.  The large white structure is the Hotel Balneario.






Volleyball club



A couple displays their physical agility



A fisherman waiting patiently for his catch



A great dog run



Family activities



Long promenade with palm trees to the left and wonderful restaurants to the right






Sitting on a bench to the right (beside the bikes) was a busker entertained with lots of tunes from the Beatles 60s roster.  Once in a while some of the restaurant patrons (mostly a men’s volleyball team) would burst into a sing-along if they knew the tune.


Valencia beach apartments






Marina Real



One last look at the beach from the Marina before heading away



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