Alicante, Spain (1) – From Mount Benacantil

Unlike our past holidays where we would partake in about half dozen days trips, Alicante was the only day-trip we took this time around.  A short two hour train ride south of Valencia, it was no brainer to visit this community.  However, what I thought was going to be a small lazy village along the Mediterranean ended up being a large city full of active life.

The slow climb on Mount Benacantil to Castillo de Santa Barbara awarded us with stunning views of Alicante.  We start by looking northwest and working around clock-wise 360 degrees.

The yard of Castell de la Santa Barbara in the immediate foreground and the neighborhood of Cap de l’Horta in the distance

A solitary boat against a gorgeous turquoise mediterranean

At first we thought these were surfboards, later to discover they are kites

Tall residential highrises along the beach

There are a number of casinos along the marina…fancy boats and gambling

Behind the tall tower (which is the Estudiotel Hotel) is the train terminal.  That is where we started the visit and that is where we will end the visit.  It was a 14km day for us that included a climb equivalent to 34 floors (at least that’s what my phone says).

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