Bangkok (5) – Getting Around

The traffic congestion in Bangkok is horrendous and depending upon the time of day, you can be stuck in traffic for hours.  It’s a good thing they have an excellent LRT/MRT system to help get around.  Unfortunately, the smog is an eye-opening indication that Bangkok needs to do something about this.

Motocy Taxi – all prices are set for short distances and negotiate for longer rides. It’s a risky ride and even though I’ve heard mention of accidents, I didn’t see one.

Waiting outside the stairwell of the “Nana” LRT station for potential clients.

Tuk Tuk is essentially a rickshaw with a small engine. A short trip will cost about $1.00 CAD.

Congested mix of cars, motorbikes and tuk tuks in Chinatown.

If you can’t find a place to drive on the street, there’s nothing wrong in driving on the sidewalk.

Taxicabs line up outside the “Mo Chit” LRT station. These cabs circled a whole block with engines running. This is where Bangkok needs to add bus routes from the station to alleviate smog and traffic. If indeed there were buses, I didn’t see them.

A “park and ride” outside the Mo Chit LRT station.

Phloen Chit station, near our hotel

Waiting for a train at the Victory Monument Station.

A view of the Chaloem Maha Nakhorn Expressway from our hotel room.

Entering the Sukhumvit. A congested corner where the two main LRT lines (Silom and Sukhumvit) meet. Surrounding this area is where Bangkok’s big shopping malls are located.  Our hotel was a few blocks away in a quieter location.

Looking down at paralyzed vehicles on Thanon Sukhumvit street.

2 thoughts on “Bangkok (5) – Getting Around

  1. Wow fantastic pictures, the traffic and transport really is crazy and you’ve captured it brilliantly! We’re in the middle of writing a similar post ourselves but you’ve set the bar high with the photography!

    • Thanks! Bangkok was an incredible experience which we will live in our memories forever. I cruised through your site and you have also captured Bangkok’s uniqueness. Keep on blogging, I aim to follow.

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