New York NY (10) – High Line Park

High Line Park runs along the west side of Manhattan from Gansevoort Street to 34th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue.  It is a public park that is built on an historic rail line that is elevated above the streets.

These are some of the views from the Park.

On the corner of 10th Avenue and 18th Street. I love the contrast of colours and architecture.

A great use of space for public parking. I was unable to catch the system in action. It would have been quite educational.

Incredible artwork on the side of a building that is home to “Auto Designs”

And some artwork should remain to be unseen

Modern buildings sit right up to he park.

A decorative balcony space

Window dressing

London Terrace Gardens

The London Terrace Gardens. One of the largest apartment/condo complexes in New York. This Chelsea Area building has updated condos for rent or purchase. The last time I looked, they had a 5 bedroom condo available for purchase at around Six Million.

More colourful buildings

I love the advertisement on the side of the building. I believe that is a golf driving range in the distance.

Where once a Pier existed

I saw this hanging from the stairwell upon our departure.  I thought it was really neat.

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