New York NY (11) – Grand Central

Grand Central Station, located at Park Avenue and 42nd Street, is the largest facility that is home to 44 platforms and 67 tracks on two levels.

I not only found this terminal an architectural fascination, it also has the best desserts around.  It’s great to sit in the dining concourse, have a delicious piece of coconut cake with an espresso and watch the people.

Along with the Chrysler Building

The hustle and bustle of tourists and commuters.

Lacking in seating, a traveller finds rest any way she can.

The main clock in the center of it all

Paintings of the constellation on the ceiling of the Main Concourse is backwards. The zodiac was intended to be viewed from a divine perspective as oppose to a human perspective.


Even the light fixtures has character and elegance

End of the day trash waiting to be picked up

Evening dessert, a cup of espresso and people

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