Iceland (2) – Signs and Other Interesting Wall Art

I found Iceland’s sense of humour enlightening.  The following photos depicts signs with interesting messages or directions and stunning wall art.

Graffitti is everywhere

A spacey look in Keflavik

An interesting message

Iceland’s version of “No Parking”

A children’s playground is given colour

This is not a sign but a license plate. I just love their version of the plates…plain and simple.

I wish I knew what this says but it has something to do with UNESCO 2012

Directions in a square downtown Reykjavik

A wonderful sense of humour for smokers outside Slipbarrin Bar at the Icelandair Marina Hotel

Another humorous sign in our bathroom at the Icelandair Marina Hotel

A great piece of artwork

When we first saw these signs on the side of the highway, we assumed they were directing to a rural town or village.  Later we discovered that these signs were actually for the homes or farms that were on the side of the highway.  I’m not sure if this is a name they gave their place or the name of the family who lives there.

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