Iceland (3) – Reykjanes

Straight south of Reykjanesbaer on Road 425, you will find Reykjanes.  After visiting the Blue Lagoon, we headed south towards Grindavik and found a geothermal area covered with steam and red encrusted rock.

A wooded pedway allows visitors to walk through this area. You can smell the steam and sulphur everywhere. Temperatures can reach 100C.

We decided to venture towards the lighthouse in the distance.  Unfortunately, there is no direct road from our location to get there, so we had to make one big circle through Hafnir on some rough terrain.  Our determination paid off.  We came across some beautiful cliffs and bird nesting.

Atlantic Ocean from the southwest corner of Iceland

Birds nesting on the side of the cliff

Looking down from the top of the cliff

Looking down from the top of the cliff

Lighthouse to the left and the geothermal area to the right, where we originally started our trek

A geothermal plant nearby

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