Iceland (5) – Hallgrimskirkja

The landmark church can be seen from anywhere in the city.  This Lutheran parish church stands at 73 metres tall and is the largest church in Iceland.

There is an observation tower that provides beautiful views of the surrounding area. Unfortunately, it was closed during the time we were there.

The 15 metre tall pipe organ was built by Johannes Klais of Bonn.

Pristine and gleaming

The simple lines of the exterior is reflected in the interior.

An elaborate candlestick holder

Interesting art in the lobby

Explorer Leif Eriksson

2 thoughts on “Iceland (5) – Hallgrimskirkja

  1. Is it possible to climb on top of it ? When I visited Reykjavik the last time, the access to the roof was forbidden 😦 I was a bit disappointed, I think the view must be great over there

    • Some tourist info I had indicated you can go up there. When we visited the church, they were just closing up and the sign indicated the elevators were unavailable but there was no indication that it was forbidden. However, we did get great views going to the water plant on the hill. I’ll be posting photos of those views later.

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