Iceland (4) – The Eurasian Plate

After leaving Reykjanes, we embarked on a search for the Eurasian Plate.  The North American plate is drifting to the west away from the Eurasian plate, widening the Atlantic Ocean in the process.  This spot marks a meeting point of these two plates.  A larger and more spectacular spot would have been in Thingvellir.

The bridge that crosses the plates. North America to the right and Europe to the left.

A faded sign on the bridge

Locks on the bridge

8 thoughts on “Iceland (4) – The Eurasian Plate

    • It is a horrible trend, lovers put a lock on a bridge as a symbol of their undying love then throw the key in the river. It is very popular in Paris (and a very big problem as well)

      • Thanks Darwin. I was going to do some research on this but you saved me the time. Unfortunately, it did spoil the natural beauty that Iceland tries to maintain in their country.

      • Yikes. If I were going to symbolize love it sure wouldn’t be with a lock. That’s kind of symbolically twisted …. But thanks for the explanation!

  1. It did spoil the beauty everywhere ! I really loathe this !! If you are curious, type love lock paris in google image and you will be shocked 😉 I hope Iceland won’t become like this…

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