Mexico (5) – Yucatan, Ek Balam

This Mayan City is approximately 100 kilometers west of Cancun and is considered the oldest inhabited city with a 1000 year life span.  However, it is the most current discovery of existing ruins.

The Tower, El Torre, is the largest Mayan structures in the Yucatan.  The Mayans follows the tradition of adding new construction, covering the old, every 52 years.  This is considered great importance to the Mayan calendar.

The Acropolis is believed to contain the tomb of Ukit Kan Le’k Tok, an important ruler

The front facade of the Acropolis

One of many beautiful carvings surround the tomb

A 106 step steep climb.  It was harder coming down than going up.  The tour guide recommended coming down backwards or on your butt.

A view from the top. There is a good chanced that any small hills that you see in the horizon are actually ruins that have not been uncovered.  Straight ahead is the Oval Palace which contained burial relics.  To the right are two temples.

The jungle of the Yucatan

Looking towards the west from the Acropolis

Stone walls surrounding the site to protect from attacks

Narrow passageways

Inside one of many rooms, this one is used as storage for stones ready to be placed in their appropriate spot.

A closer look to reveal painted labels to know where they should go

Side of the Oval Palace

Looking back at the Acropolis from the Oval Palace

The Twins with two mirroring temples on either side

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