Mexico (6) – Valladolid, Cenote Maya Park – The Gardens

Located outside of Valladolid, this Park promotes Ecotourism.  The purpose of ecotourism is to allow tourism  to develop in a way that is fair and equitable for host communities.  All the workers at this park, from maintenance to the photographers are local people being educated by the tour company.  It was refreshing to see this garden in a beautiful natural environment with the use of recycle materials like plastic bottles and tires as planter boxes.

The authentic blessing by a Mayan Shaman was a special treat.

Entering the gardens

Mint to go with refreshing drinks

The use of recycled tires as planters

Hibiscus flowers are mainly used for their drinks, hot or cold

Tiny mushrooms

Unfortunately, I did not catch the name of this plant

The use of rocks to make a decorative flower pattern

Recycled bottles to start off seedlings

Oh so natural


Planters add colours to the green environment

An authentic blessing

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