Brussels (6) – Street Scenes

We were in Brussels for about 27 hours.  However, from my posts, you would think I was here for a week.  My last post of Brussels consists of selected street scenes around the central part of the city which is filled with colour and beautiful architecture.

Boulevard Anspach is a major street in the city centre.

View toward Place de Brouckere along Boulevard Anspach

Brussels Stock Exchange

Rue De Marche Aux Poulets

A creative drumming busker displays his talents

Corner of Rue du Marche ay Chabon and Grands Carmes Street.  We stopped here for a morning  coffee.  I admired the camaraderie as the employees indulged in lively conversation with the patrons on the outside patio.

Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

Standing in Square du Petit Salon looking towards the Elise Notre Dame Du Sablon

Rue des Bouchers

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert is located next door to our hotel.  If lucky, you might get a room overlooking the interior of the Galerie.

Graffiti makes its’ presence

Skateboard park

A large assortment to choose from

Words cannot express the excitement in my eyes and stomach when we came across this bakery.

On doing research about Brussels, “Mannequin Pis” was considered something to see but don’t have big expectations.   Wandering through the streets, I noticed a lot of confectionary shops selling chocolate “Mannequin Pis” creations.  It reminded me that we may want to seek out this curiosity.  However, as I turned the corner…there it was.  Interesting, how a small sculpture of a young boy performing a bodily function can be so thrilling.

Palais de Justice

Looking at rooftops from the Palais de Justice

Looking down Rue des Minims from Palais de Justice

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