Rotterdam (1) – Along Nieuwe Maas

Upon our arrival in Rotterdam, we were met with a downpour of rain that lasted about an hour.  We had thoughts of turning around and catching the next train back to Amsterdam.  However, with a $10.00 all day metro pass, we didn’t think we had much to lose if we remained inside trams all day.  It was a good thing we persevered.  As you can see from these photos, it was a heavy overcast day and it remained that way until our journey home 12 hours later…and it never rained again.

We took a stroll across Willemsbrug, a bridge over Nieuwe Maas that connects to Noordereiland.

The northern banks to the left and southern banks to the right.

Kop van Zuid

Flags sit side by side on the Boompjesboulevard.  193 national flags represent the number of nationalities who live or visited the city.  37 flags represent the city of Rotterdam.

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