Rotterdam (2) – Laurenskerk

St. Laurenskerk is the only remaining medieval structure in Rotterdam.  During the 1940 German air raid, the church was severely damaged and withstood complete obliteration, unlike the buildings in the surrounding area.

The front of the church on Oppert

Looking towards the back of the church.  The choir is enclosed by a brass screen that was saved during the 2nd World War.

The principal organ is the largest completely mechanical organ in Europe with over 7,600 organ pipes and 85 stops.

Along the interior left side of the church.

Chandeliers were cast in 1959 from old models by the firm of Brink & van Keulen.

A permanent exhibition displays the story of the Laurenskerk.  It is told through a collage of images, texts, music and words.  This exhibition is located along the inside of the exterior walls, sometimes using the natural light for its’ benefit.  The following photos are a small sampling of this exhibit.

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