Rotterdam (4) – Euromast

Euromast is a tower located in Nieuwe Werk on the edge of Nieuwe Maas.  The 85 m structure is considered the tallest building in Rotterdam and is home to two observation platforms and restaurant.  We were fortunate that our cloudy day turned sunny when we visited the tower.

Euromast.  Three levels of viewing.   The top is a small enclosed observation area.  The second level is an open air observation area.  The bottom is the restaurant.

Looking south towards Charlois

Looking west towards Delfshaven

Coolhaven canal separates Delfshaven (left) and Nieuwe Westen

Parksluizen locks, connecting Coolhaven and Parkhaven

Looking east

Looking east.  To the left of Erasmusbrug (white bridge) is where Laurenskerk and Markthal are located.

South east towards Katendrecht

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