Rotterdam (5) – Street Sights

A 12-hour day trip to Rotterdam did not allow much time for exploring.  Here is a small sampling of the sightings we experienced wandering through the streets.

Along Voorthaven

A mix of residential, commercial (small shops) and boats on Aelbrechtskolk in the Delfshaven area.

An Art Gallery Storefront in the Delfshaven neighbourhood.

On the corner of Havenstraat and Schiedamseweg

Korenmolen De Distillerketel, along Voorhaven

Lijnbaan – Main Shopping street in downtown Rotterdam

Word Trade Centre in the background

A great way for people to recycle books.  Stands like these are located throughout the Netherlands.   This one exists outside Laurenskerk.  It was refreshing to see these young boys showing their appreciation for written word.

l to r.  Rotterdam Public Library, Het Potlood (The Pencil), Rotterdam Station Blaak (with the circular structure) and Markthal

A closer look at Het Potlood (The Pencil) is an apartment building with the Cubic Houses Complex behind.  Each cube house has three floors with 675 square feet of living space out of 900 square feet because of the angled ceilings.

Park area beside Markthal (on left) and across the Public Library

Mariniers Museum Der Kon

A decorative residential area in Bospolder area

At a metro stop near the Euromast waiting to catch our tram back to Centraal Station.  I appreciated the efficiency of the metro system.  This electronic sign tells us it’s 7:16 PM and tram  “8 Kleiweg” is coming in 6 minutes and next one in 28 minutes.   After using the metro system that day, I found they were always bang on with the time.  This came especially handy when we were able to gauge our time and buy some pastries before our tram came.

Rotterdam’s Centraal Station, our arrival and departure station.  Easy 30 minute trip from Amsterdam Centraal to Rotterdam Centraal for a cost of about $5.00 euro.  There is a train available about every 20 to 30 minutes so if you missed one there is not much of a wait for the next one.

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